St Vincent's Health Pre-admission

In order to proceed to the Online Pre-admission Form, please choose one of the following options. Note that if you have used this online form in the past but do not have your unique UR Number, Medicare Number, or you are admitting to a different St Vincent's Health Australia hospital then you must proceed by starting a New Admission.

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Choose this option to enter your details if using this online form for the first time. Choose this option if you have previously used this online form for this hospital and have been given your unique, secure User Record Number (URN) by the Hospital.
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  Attention: Maternity Patients

All Maternity bookings currently need to be made via the Mater Maternity Bookings Office direct and cannot be made online.

Please phone Maternity Bookings on (02) 9900 7690 to book your appointment.

All Other Patients If you have any questions please call our booking staff on (02) 9900 7473